Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So,I started this blog mainly from inspiration from other artists' blogs' that I visit on a daily basis.
They're inspiring me to be more creative and to draw more,(I do draw everyday) and to see what I can come up.The one thing I've started since the new year is trying to teach myself to draw with my opposite hand. I'm a righty, so I'm trying to teach myself to draw with my left. I'm finding that it takes a little more conscious thought,where as using my right hand is "natural". I think also too that because my mother was left-handed and I throw a football,baseball,bowl,etc. with my left hand, my mind kinda has a balance with left-right/right-left. So what I'm going to do, is post drawings that I've done with each hand and try to dissect how they came out and what I feel about them. Wish me luck as I start this new journey of blogging and trying to stretch my creative thoughts and processes. Take care. Tom.

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